Importance of a Feasibility Study

2020-05-01T09:37:34-05:00Planning & Design|

How TGB Group helps its clients by working through all the details of a civil design/engineering project Of all the parts and parcels of a civil design or engineering project, the feasibility study may be the most critical.  Like the old saying, “Failure to plan is planning to fail.”  A quality feasibility study early in

Project Underway to Design and Build New Roads for Industrial Park

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This is one of several TGB projects for the Big Spring Economic Development Corp. TGB Group is once again working with City of Big Spring, Texas, and its Economic Development Corporation to design and build two new roads into the city’s industrial park. The Big Spring City Council recently approved TGB’s contract to assist the

“Measure Twice, Cut Once”: A Critical Principle in Our Project Management Services

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The importance of accurate measurement can’t be overemphasized One of TGB Group’s signature project management services is construction staking.  Accurate measurement in this discipline is the first step toward success, and the benefits of measuring twice and double-checking those measurements are huge.  Correctly staking a project layout is a crucial activity that when done right