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Construction Management

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Construction Management - TGB GroupTGB Group’s construction management team will help you bid your project and manage your contractors to make sure the finished result is in accord with our design. We can provide construction observers to ensure that right-of-way and easement crossings happen exactly as your standards specify.

We’ll design a construction management program to fit your specific needs – from periodic onsite inspection to complete program management of the bidding, invoicing and construction processes. Our oversight is your assurance that your project will be built on time, according to plan and on budget.

Construction management/observation

When you partner with our team, you’re assured of the most thorough and meticulous construction management services available anywhere in the industry. Our work includes:

  • Client representation
  • Contractor coordination
  • Plan compliance/specification adherence
  • Timeline adherence to avoid delays and costly budget overruns
  • Safety observation
  • Management of permitting at the national, state and local levels
  • Comprehensive project management from initiation to completion, making sure every phase meets the client’s expectations
  • Continuous communication throughout the construction process including:
    • Daily reports
    • Monthly meetings to help track goals and timelines
    • Weekly construction meetings with contractors, client staff and any other affected parties

Singular focus to benefit a variety of project types

Developed through years of industry experience, our construction management and observation services are overseen by talented individuals who focus only on full compliance with project specifications, with the goal of total client satisfaction. Our team is ready to help with:

  • Railroads
  • Highways/roadways
  • Utility review and compliance
  • Railway and roadway crossings


TGB Group’s broad range of qualifications means the highest level of service and management of your project.

  • Erailsafe
  • Railroad worker protection
  • Contractor orientation
  • Class I Railroad specific training
  • CPR/AED training
  • OSHA training
  • Can obtain site-specific training to meet compliance standards

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