About TGB Group

TGB Group, LLC was founded in 2016 to provide engineering, design and consultation services to clients in transportation-related industries. The company performs strategic site planning, site design and conceptual drawing while overseeing project development and serving as a management team during all phases of construction.

Staffed by site design engineers, construction managers, consultants, transportation marketing experts and financial specialists, TGB Group’s target markets include short line railroads, economic developers, industrial concerns and small- to mid-sized municipalities.

The company’s expansion plans include bringing on board additional engineers with specialized knowledge of drainage and city streets to handle this growing market; moving into pipeline and mechanical projects; and growing its surveying capabilities in order to provide this service in-house for clients who require it.

TGB Group is headed by President Mike Murphy, a 25-year veteran of the transportation and railway industries, and Chairwoman and Chief Administrative Officer Rebecca Murphy, also a veteran with 25-plus years’ experience in transportation logistics, freight shipment, international trade and finance as it relates to these industries.
The company is headquartered in Montgomery County, in southeast Texas, and serves clients throughout the United States.

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