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TGB Group’s team of experienced engineers offers you a broad range of services for rail, industrial, transportation and civic projects. Our key areas of focus include:


We’ll provide conceptual designs and all necessary construction documentation, working with you to determine the ideal location and layout for rail systems and other components within a development site. Our team brings specific expertise in the railroad industry’s industrial development process, and we have years of hands-on experience with both short line and Class I railroads. Read More


Particularly in larger projects, drainage concerns often are overlooked or not handled correctly, leading to delayed completion and unnecessary expenditure. When providing drainage consultation, TGB Group takes into consideration the drainage for the entire site, whether it’s a large industrial park or a single location, and makes sure that all properties are reviewed for overall drainage. We assist private developers and municipal entities in fields such as storm water management, detention and transportation related storm systems.

When designing drainage systems, we analyze environmental impact, aesthetics, project costs and other factors, and we pay close attention to the local laws governing drainage system construction to assist our clients in reducing delays while maintaining an economical solution.
Engineering Site Layout - TGB Group

Site Design

Our site design experts are here to help guide your project through to a successful and satisfactory completion by providing conceptual layouts, platting and zoning oversight, innovative designs, bid administration and other critical services. We assist developers, architects, economic development associations and industries in planning and developing their sites.

Additionally, we provide valuable insight into local requirements through due diligence efforts that save our clients money in the end. We’re on the cutting edge of innovative designs to attract businesses and customers to your development. Read More


Transportation systems are required in many types of development whether it be for a new industrial park, a business park, a municipal trafficway or a residential subdivision. TGB Group has the experience to create the design for whatever your project requires from roadway design, access planning and acceleration/deceleration lanes to traffic studies, construction management and specific designs for parking lots, trails, etc.

Public Works

Our team can create the designs and provide construction management services for the building of roadways, drainage systems, sidewalks, water and sewer systems and other utilities. We understand that infrastructure is a major issue across the country, and we’re prepared to bring the professional services necessary to ensure success for our municipal clients’ projects.

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