Project Underway to Design and Build New Roads for Industrial Park

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This is one of several TGB projects for the Big Spring Economic Development Corp. TGB Group is once again working with City of Big Spring, Texas, and its Economic Development Corporation to design and build two new roads into the city’s industrial park. The Big Spring City Council recently approved TGB’s contract to assist the

Jacksboro, Texas, Industrial Park Project

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TGB undertakes masterplan for 177-acre park In the summer of 2017, TGB Group was hired by the Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation (JEDC) to create a conceptual masterplan for a 177-acre industrial park project.  The corporation’s goal is to attract businesses to the city, thereby increasing tax revenues and employment. Our masterplan was approved the corporation’s

San Jacinto River & Rail Park

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Rail in Houston, Texas TGB Group was hired by W&P Development Corporation of Texas to provide civil design services for a Houston industrial park development served by the Union Pacific Railroad and BNSF Railway. Our tasks included design for approximately 12,000 feet of railroad track, remote power turnouts adjacent to a Class I railroad main line,

Railroad-Served Fertilizer Distribution center

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Location: North Texas TGB Group was hired by Crop Production Service, LLC (CPS) and Texas North Western Railway (TXNW) to provide the civil design for a new 27-acre industrial site for a fertilizer distribution center in the railway’s new Panhandle Logistics Park. The design would include a 17,500-square-foot dry fertilizer storage building, a 12,500-square-foot liquid/chemical

Civil Design For Arbor Valley Clubhouse

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Location: Topeka, Kansas TGB Group was hired by developer Concrete Unlimited of Kansas to provide the civil design for a new community clubhouse for a senior housing subdivision in Topeka, Kansas. Facility access Based on the needs of the users it would serve, the planned 3,500-square-foot facility had special accessibility requirements including a sidewalk that

Industrial Park Street and Water Main Design

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Location: Topeka, Kansas TGB Group was hired by property developer ADR Enterprises, LLC of Kansas to create the streets and water main design for a new industrial park in Topeka, Kansas. Industrial Street design Among the street design components we were tasked with for this 10-lot park were pavement design, topographic survey and curb and