Grant to help fund Jacksboro Business Park

Our Business Development Manager, Jake Cooper, is working with the Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation to apply for an Economic Development Administration (EDA) grant. Once secured, the Jacksboro EDA grant will be used for the engineering and construction of roads, waterlines and sewer for phase one of the Jacksboro Business Park project.

This industrial park will be suitable for a variety of business needs such as light industrial, manufacturing and office complexes. With a population of approximately 4,500, Jacksboro, Texas, looks to tourism, recreation and land development projects to promote opportunities for business and to foster the creation and retention of new jobs. With assistance from the Jacksboro EDA grant, the business park has the potential of creating some 100 new jobs for the community.

More about the Jacksboro EDA grant

EDA is a federal resource that helps cities and counties, based on their needs, through specific grants. The program we are applying for is the EDA Public Works Grant, and it is specifically for the engineering and construction of the roads, waterlines and sewer for this project. The Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation and the City of Jacksboro will maintain ownership and right-of-ways for these items throughout the life of the project.

About the EDA

The Economic Development Administration is charged with working in accord with the Federal economic development agenda in regions throughout the United States to help these areas grow their economies and be successful in a worldwide economy. The administration focuses on building innovation and competitiveness within the leadership of regions and communities.

Programs run by EDA provide resources to meet various economic needs of regions that are in financial distress. Goals include job creation and retention, expanded private investment and innovation, enhanced manufacturing capacities, workforce development and attraction of foreign investment.

To learn more about the Jacksboro EDA Grant project, please contact:

Jake Cooper, business development manager, TGB Group: (832) 748-0343