TGB undertakes masterplan for 177-acre park

In the summer of 2017, TGB Group was hired by the Jacksboro Economic Development Corporation (JEDC) to create a conceptual masterplan for a 177-acre industrial park project.  The corporation’s goal is to attract businesses to the city, thereby increasing tax revenues and employment.

Our masterplan was approved the corporation’s board of directors and its executive director.  We were then retained by the JEDC and tasked with providing surveying, platting and design services to the city for the first phase of the business park.

The initial design will include a new entry for the park, the beginnings of two roads within the park, site grading, dimension planning and stormwater drainage design.

We’ll soon begin preliminary design of two additional roads within the park and complete preliminary drainage calculations and routes.  After these project elements are completed, TGB Group will prepare bid documents for solicitation from qualified contractors and manage the bidding process for the JEDC.

We expect all design work for the industrial park project to be completed by December 2017 and for first-phase bidding and construction activities to commence in the first quarter of 2018.

Potential uses

The industrial park will be suitable for a variety of business needs such as light industrial, manufacturing and office complexes.  With a population of approximately 4,500, Jacksboro looks to tourism, recreation and land development projects to promote new and expanded opportunities for business and to foster the creation and retention of new jobs.  Jacksboro is located about 90 miles north-west of Dallas in Jack County.

The JEDC, operating since 2003, provides economic development support to projects, like the industrial park currently underway, that comply with the city’s Development Corporation Action of 1979.

To learn more about the industrial park project in Jacksboro, please contact:

Mike Murphy, president, TGB Group: (832) 748-7603
Lynda Pack, executive director, JEDC: