Women’s Business Enterprise Certificate & Small Business Enterprise Certificate

TGB Group recently applied for two certificates that will bring many benefits not only to our company but also to those with whom we work.

Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) Certificate

This certification through the National Women’s Business Council provides opportunities for businesses with 51% or higher woman-ownership to work on a variety of corporate projects recognized by state and local entities.

To be eligible for a Women’s Business Enterprise Certificate, the company’s president and/or SEO must be a woman who is a U.S. citizen and has owned and held a top management position for at least six months.

TGB Group’s Rebecca Murphy meets all of these requirements, bringing to our clients 25 years’ experience in the transportation industry. Rebecca is excited to take advantage of the multiple opportunities afforded to certified Women’s Business Enterprises as TGB moves into new markets throughout the U.S.

The certification is essential if a company wishes to participate in programs that require the utilization and tracking of woman-owned businesses – for example, various corporate supplier diversity programs and federal procurement programs.

Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Certificate

This designation will allow us to be among the initial bidders on construction projects with budgets estimated at under $50,000. It is now well-known throughout our industry that “bigger” isn’t always “better,” and being certified as a Small Business Enterprise gives us the opportunity to bring clients our extremely high service standards that cannot be matched by sprawling, multi-national corporate entities.

The SBE certification was established by the Small & Minority Business Resources Department (SMBR) and the Contract Management Department (CMD) to give smaller businesses the chance to compete on the larger playing field. A true race- and gender-neutral initiative, the SBE program ensures that qualified small businesses like TGB Group will have a fair shot at being awarded contracts for a wide range of designated projects.

TGB has always believed that a level playing field brings out the very best in everyone involved. By receiving these certifications, we’re putting ourselves in the position to provide industry-leading service and project quality to many clients we may never have had the pleasure of working with.