An opportunity to network and help support this important organization

tslrra annual meeting Dallas

TGB Group was excited to attend and sponsor the TSLRRA Annual Meeting Jan. 23-25, 2020 at the Beeman Hotel in Dallas. We’ve been a member of the Texas Short Line & Regional Railroad Association for three years and have always considered it an important part of our professional lives.

Among its many other activities, the TSLRRA provides us with vital details about current short line rail news on local and legislative levels.

Why we attend the TSLRRA Annual Meeting

It’s important for us to support an organization like TSLRRA as they continue their outreach to help smaller “mom and pop” railroads.  The annual meeting is one of the ways they do it, and every year the event includes the opportunity to network with others in the railroad industry and hear informative talks from leading speakers.

This year’s TSLRRA Annual Meeting featured guest speaker Ed Emmett, a former Harris County Judge and Texas Department of Transportation Freight Advisory Committee member.

Because of their smaller size, short line railroads often are overlooked, yet they’re quite important for the farms and factories that connect with large shipping concerns and exporters. Past TSLRRA Annual Meeting/luncheon events have provided us with information regarding heavy regulatory initiatives, which can stand in the way of economic growth and Austin short line tax credit.

Short line associations are pushing Congress to make a tax credit permanent to help short lines improve infrastructure. modal equity and the benefits of membership through growth.


The Texas Short Line & Regional Railroad Association is a nonprofit professional organization representing the interests of the more than 40 short line railroads and industry related businesses in Texas.

Established in 2003, TSLRRA’s purpose has been to promote the state’s economy, champion public safety issues and partner with local governments and organizations to enhance the transportation infrastructure and bring new jobs and prosperity to Texas communities. Learn more about the Texas Short Line & Regional Railroad Association.