It’s our way of giving back to our great community

TGB Group is committed to offering solutions to the many challenges faced by economic development groups and businesses.  This commitment extends to the people and communities who are affected by these challenges and the way they are addressed.

From sponsorship of area softball teams and food donations to worthy programs to supporting our brave firefighters and helping St. Jude Children Research Center’s fundraising campaigns, TGB Group is creating homegrown value in our area.  We are grateful for the business opportunities that have been afforded to us, and giving back to local programs and organizations is our way of saying thank you.

We recently were given the opportunity to help the Montgomery County Women’s Center by sponsoring a family of 10.  This included providing toys, household items, clothing and gifts to complete the family’s wish list.  It was a true joy being able to provide for a special family, and we plan to continue adopting families who need a little extra help for many years to come.

In February, TGB Group sponsored the Southwest Association of Rail Shippers (SWARS) golfing event, which helps support the George J. Elking Jr. Scholarship.  This scholarship award assists those within the SWARS area to further their educational and occupational goals.

We love the work we do in our business, and we love helping with service opportunities in our local communities.  It’s one of the ways TGB is making a difference in building better connections.

Here are some links to places where you can help to make a difference:

St. Jude Children’s Research Center  Check it out

Montgomery County Women’s Center  Check it out

George J. Elking Jr. Scholarship Fund  Check it out

Houston Food Bank  Check it out