Membership doesn’t establish our reputation – it only confirms it

The Better Business Bureau has been around for more than 100 years, and it has been a goal of ours to become a member of it.  Now we’ve reached that goal.

Since we were founded in 2016, we’ve had a single goal every single day: to provide the highest quality of service to our clients with unquestioned integrity on every project we undertake.  We’re thrilled to be part of the BBB and to proudly display its logo, but we’re not looking to any outside organization to bolster our professional reputation – we’ll see to that ourselves.

What it takes to be in the BBB

Being a BBB member tells potential clients who know nothing about you that your business is credible and above-board in its dealings.  It’s kind of like a calling card that goes before you and can open many doors.

Becoming a Better Business Bureau member requires meeting a list of requirements including:

  • Positive track record in doing business
  • Honesty in selling and advertising
  • Fair representation of products and services in the marketplace
  • Abiding by all written and verbal business agreements
  • Aggressive protection of its customers’ stored personal information and data

Learn more about our local BBB – the Better Business Bureau of Greater Houston and South Texas.