Here are some helpful tips for staying safe over the Holidays!

The best holidays are safe holidays.  Accidents and oversights happen all year long, but during the holiday season people often are more distracted and preoccupied than usual – which is the reason for many of the accidents we experience.  Safety during the holidays means being prepared and alert.

Here are some tips that will help you make this holiday season the safest and most enjoyable ever.

Safety during the holidays when traveling

  • Check road conditions and weather before you start off on a holiday trip. This can help prepare you for unexpected circumstances and allow you to plan driving routes around closed highways and roads.
  • Make sure your vehicle is up to date on its servicing. Check the oil level, the radiator, belts, tires (and spare) and other critical components.  If you discover that your vehicle is iffy for a winter trip, you might be better off renting a vehicle instead.  Better safe than sorry.
  • Bring along basic tools such as wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers and a hammer to service your car in the event of an emergency. Also take flares, matches, bottled water, some food, blankets and other possible necessities.

Safety during the holidays around the house

  • Never deep fry a frozen turkey. Turkeys should be fully thawed before hitting the oil to prevent excess splattering of grease.
  • When hanging Christmas lights, use your best judgement on whether to climb up a ladder or install the lights while on top of the roof. You should always have another able-bodied person with you to act as a spotter.
  • Before starting a fire in the fireplace, make sure the damper is open. Even a partially closed damper can cause smoke and carbon monoxide to back up into the house.
  • If your pets go outside in the cold, check on them periodically while they’re doing their business or doing whatever it is they do out there. Small bodies get super cold really fast.

These safety during the holidays tips along with other common-sense ideas will help you to have a great holiday season and be in good shape to kick off the new year.

Happy Holidays from TGB Group!


safety during the holidays

The TGB Dogs: Missy, Jagger and Mikko are always safe during the holidays.