Honor given for second consecutive year by Commtrex, managers of a leading rail services company directory

railroad engineering services company awardCommtrex, creators of a popular online Rail Services Directory, has for the second year in a row named TGB Group as a top-10 railroad engineering services company.  The announcement was formally made in September 2019 on Commtrex.com.

Our entire team is proud of this honor, because it tells us we’re doing things right and providing the quality railroad engineering services that help our clients meet and exceed their construction and expansion goals.

This year’s Top 10 Railroad Engineering Services Company award went to leading engineering firms across the USA in places like Matthews, N.C., Brentwood, Tenn., Louisville, Ken., Greely, Colo., and Beaumont and Houston, Texas.

We thought it was interesting that three Texas-based railroad engineering services companies made the list – the most from any state.  But it’s not surprising: Texans have always been known for doing jobs right.

About Commtrex

railroad engineering services company award 2018Commtrex is the only open online marketplace serving the U.S. and Canadian rail industries.  The company provides its extensive directory as well as a forum where rail cars can be bought, sold and leased.

The Commtrex directory is a central place where project managers and business developers throughout the country can search for just the right railroad engineering services company for their project.

Winning this award and being aligned with Commtrex will only be a step in the right direction for TGB Group as we continue to streamline our services and add to our expertise.  Our listing on Commtrex.com notes our affiliation with BNSF and Union Pacific railroads and our expertise in engineering track design, track construction services and track design services.  We consider that excellent publicity!

We’re proud to be a railroad engineering services company right here in Texas

As a Texas-based railroad engineering services company, we strive to bring positive benefits to all the neighboring communities where we work.  We believe that positive business dealings and exceptional results can help communities grow and prosper.  We’re committed to doing our part to serve the great state of Texas and other great states throughout the country.