TGB providing design services to Texas Gonzales & Northern Railway

Texas Gonzales & Northern Railway (TXGN) has again selected TGB Group for design services in support of its railcar storage yard development project that will add capacity to its already sizeable yard in Gonzales, Texas.

We’re proud of our long-term relationship with TXGN and are honored to have been chosen to bring our cutting-edge services to this exciting railcar storage yard development effort.  Our team will provide survey, design and construction oversight activities for a new yard expansion that will give TXGN an additional 400 car spots for a new client they recently secured.

TGB Group’s bottom-line objective here is to create greater efficiency and cost savings for TXGN.  We’re partnering with Shackelford Construction & Hauling, LLC of Yazoo City, Miss., to operate the project as a design build.

Texas Gonzales & Northern Railway tasked TGB with providing a plan to complete the railcar storage yard development expansion in a very short window, something we’re quite familiar with.  We will be feeding up-to-date design specifications to Shackelford each week in order to speed up the process.  This will allow construction to start with minimal design work completed and continue quickly, cutting more than 45 days from a traditional timeline.

TXGN railcar storage yard development project specs

  • More than 30,000 feet of track
  • 19 turnouts
  • Access roadways
  • Drainage for the entire site
  • Existing drainage improvements
  • Creation of a master plan for additional adjacent yard tracks that TXGN can add later

About TXGN

Texas Gonzales & Northern Railway has been providing rail transport, storage and operations for companies in the heartland of Texas since 1992. Located midway between Gonzales and Harwood, off U.S. 1-10, TXGN owns and/or manages 13 miles of lead track, and approximately 61 miles of storage and loop track. TXGN interchanges with the Union Pacific Railroad and handles several thousand cars carrying energy-related products: grain and animal feed meals, clay/bentonite and raw and finished heavy metal products.

To learn more about our railcar storage yard development project for TXGN, please contact:

Mike Murphy, president, TGB Group: (866) 217-7794