TGB Group will coordinate efforts with the plant and Union Pacific Railroad

TGB Group is working with the owners of a Pasadena chemical plant to design and construct a drainage solution for their property. Actually located just outside Pasadena, this project requires coordination with both the Union Pacific Railroad, which serves the chemical plant with railcars, and the chemical plant itself. Another critical requirement for the project is that it be finished by early October 2018, which means both the design and construction will have to be completed inside a three-month span.

To remedy the Pasadena chemical plant’s drainage issues, TGB Group designed an underground pipe solution that would travel beneath and on both sides of two Union Pacific railroad tracks. The pipe is a 24-inch smooth steel pipe that will extend 75-feet. This will allow the pipe to meet or exceed design specifications and requirements pertaining to drainage output and the weight of the two railroads and any trains that pass over it. The drainage pipe will discharge rain and process water into a tributary located east of the rail track, ensuring that drainage will not be inhibited.

Steps required to gain project approval

Tasks TGB Group must undertake in order to gain approval for this Pasadena chemical plant project include:

  1. Field survey and reports
  2. Comprehensive drainage study
  3. Creation of the drainage design
  4. Submission of documents to the Union Pacific Railroad

At this time, we have finished with the design and now are waiting for Union Pacific to give the go-ahead to start construction and related work.

To learn more about our involvement in this Pasadena chemical plant project, please contact:

Mike Murphy, president, TGB Group: (832) 748-7603