TGB Group now runs the advanced Topcon Total Station for land surveying, civil engineering & design, and construction survey & layout

Topcon land survey equipment

Topcon GT Series land survey equipment

TGB Group is always looking for ways to streamline our processes and return more value to our clients.  Our new land survey equipment and services are sure to do just that.

We have purchased a Topcon GT Series Total Station that will allow us to provide crucial services to our clients in three primary areas.

Land surveying

Intuitive software solutions power a wide array of land survey equipment products made by Topcon.  The hybrid positioning system was designed for fast, accurate measurements with GT Series robotic technology and the TILT leveling system in the GNSS receiver.

Regularly used tasks can be automated (fewer setups), and integration is seamless between office and field.  The speed and accuracy of the Topcon Total Station fits right into our high standards for client satisfaction and ROI.

Civil engineering and design

Topcon’s advanced land survey equipment is ideal for many civil engineering and design projects.  Along with its other state-of-the-art features, the system is built to allow for instant, accurate and safe transfer of files between our team in the field and our clients’ project engineers.

TGB has always believed that clear communications are the first step to excellent results, and with Topcon’s built-in software, the Total Station gives us that important ability.

Construction survey and layout

Through a partnership between Topcon and Autodesk, the Total Station allows for the rapid sharing of design files between engineers and mobile crews in the field.  Rough stakeout is handled by the software coupled with field-ready GNSS receivers.  The precise high-end optical equipment offers a range of positioning solutions for all construction project survey and layout needs.

It’s a common problem for developers to have to put progress on hold while waiting for an outside survey team to arrive and complete their tasks.  Now, when you hire the TGB design team, you’ve got the survey team built in with some of the most sophisticated land survey equipment in the industry.

TGB Group is currently licensed in Kansas for boundary and ALTA surveys and is well-equipped to perform topographical surveys anywhere in the U.S.