Plans for frac sand facility underway in west Texas

TGB Group recently signed a contract to provide services for a rail-served frac sand terminal design project in west Texas. The terminal is in the initial design stages, with construction expected to begin in early 2019. This is the first of several sand terminal projects our client company will build.

Frac sand terminal design specs

The frac sand terminal design project will involve more than six miles of track, including receiving and departure tracks and loading tracks accessible from the sand dryers. The facility is being designed with a capacity to inbound an entire empty unit train, which will be spotted for loading sand by our client’s locomotives and then repositioned on the outbound track for departure, all within 24 hours.

Plans also call for a large sand drying facility in the vicinity of the yard that will allow cars to be loaded quickly from above. The client is weighing the prospects of handling inbound oil field supplies such as chemicals and pipe.

About frac sand

Frac sand is an extremely pure quartz sand known for its round and virtually non-destructible grains. It is used widely throughout the petroleum industry. When the surface of the earth is fractured using hydraulic machinery, water pours into the newly created openings. This inflates the rock fractures and causes them to grow deeper. A large quantity of sand is carried by a blast of water deep into the fractures. Once in place, the sand affords a faster rate of recovery of natural gas, petroleum, water and other fluids from subterranean reservoirs.

We’ll post updates on this project in the coming months as designs are finalized and construction begins.

To learn more about frac sand terminal design or to get further specs on this west Texas project, please contact:

Mike Murphy, president, TGB Group: (832) 748-7603