Event focused on site-selection and supply chain priorities

logistics development forumOur president, Mike Murphy, recently attended a Logistics Development Forum event in Vail, Colo., that focused on helping leaders in the trade and economic development industries learn more about site selection and supply chain management priorities.

TGB Group also was a sponsor for the golf event connected to the forum, which was held August 5-7 at Sonnenalp Hotel in Vail.

Highlights of the Logistics Development Forum

One of the key functions of the 2019 Logistics Development Forum was to give economic developers and site consultants the opportunity to share information on the many elements involved in determining the optimal location for manufacturing distribution centers and warehouse operations.

Attendees participated in individual meetings, took part in educational sessions and built valuable networking relationships with industry peers.

On the Logistics Development Forum Program Overview page for the upcoming 2020 edition of the event, advantages of attending this forum are explained and include:

  • The chance to hear industry experts speak about logistics-intensive projects
  • Special sessions focused on the role of logistics in deciding on the location of a new site
  • It’s the only conference that deals with the importance of the site-selection process and supply chain
  • An excellent way to forge partnerships and build relationships with other industry professionals

Mike and the rest of the TGB Group team reserve time throughout every year to attend and sponsor these types of events.  Meeting and talking with experts in our industry helps us to keep abreast of the latest developments and advanced techniques, which in turn allows us to continue to deliver superior results to our clients.

Other conferences on our schedule

In addition to the Logistics Development Forum, our representatives also will attend the following 2019 conferences:

SWARS (Southwest Association of Rail Shippers) in Phoenix

AREMA (American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association) in Minneapolis, Minn.

TEDC Annual Conference (Texas Economic Development Council) in San Antonio, Texas