Oklahoma project will include roadways, drainage and 42,000+ feet of track

TGB Group has been retained to oversee a major frac sand terminal design project in Oklahoma. We will perform all site civil work for the facility, including track, drainage, roadways, unloading areas and utilities. The terminal will be capable of both unit train and manifest sand shipments.

This frac sand terminal design project will involve working closely with the client to complete the Union Pacific Industrial Access process for building a new multi-faceted rail-served facility.

TGB will create a design for more than 42,000 feet of track with two 7,000-foot loops, each capable of holding trains as large as 150 cars. Each loop will have an unloading pit that will enable the trains to be unloaded within 18 hours of arrival. The manifest area will have space to park and unload up to 290 manifest cars.

How frac sand is used

Frac sand is an important component used in the petroleum industry. It’s a specialized quartz sand of high purity made up of round, durable sand grains. Frac sand is used during the hydraulic fracturing process to derive oil, natural gas and other liquids from rocky areas that don’t have sufficient pore space to allow the liquids to flow easily.

With thousands of natural gas and oil wells going into operation over the last several years, the demand for frac sand has exploded. A hydraulic fracturing job on a single well might call for thousands of tons of frac sand to efficiently draw out large amounts of oil and natural gas. TGB’s frac sand terminal design expertise will allow our Oklahoma client to be a serious competitor in this industry.

Our work on the terminal design began in November 2017. The client expects construction to start in the first quarter of 2018 and be completed by mid-2018.

To learn more about frac sand terminal design or to get further specs on this Oklahoma project, please contact:

Mike Murphy, president, TGB Group: (832) 748-7603