TGB Group is providing plans for 50,000 feet of track for the facility

We’re in the process of launching a design project for a new diesel terminal in west Texas.  Diesel fuel is used in a variety of applications in our region including power for vehicles and machinery as well as in the expanding oil fracking industry.  Our client wants to be prepared for the considerable growth expected in this industry, and the plans we create will help them do just that.

The diesel terminal in west Texas will have a storage capacity of up to 160,000 barrels of diesel fuel, which will be delivered via railroad.  In order for the facility to accommodate this high demand, we’re overseeing the design and construction of more than 50,000 feet of railroad track.

When the track is in place, two loaded unit trains with approximately 100 railcars each will be able to access the facility concurrently.  The railcars will empty into one of several 40,000-barrel storage tanks, after which trucks will load the diesel and transport it out to the oil fields.

How diesel is used in fracking

Fracking fluid, commonly referred to as frac fluid, is a mixture of specific chemicals including diesel fuel used to increase the amount of hydrocarbons that can be extracted during drilling operations.  In addition to keeping the well from becoming corroded, frac fuel serves as a lubricant during the extraction process and helps to prevent machinery clogs and the growth of bacteria in and around the drilling site.

The specific chemical mixture of frac fluid will vary from well to well.  Great care must be taken when working around this fluid as some of the compounds used in it can pose health risks.

To learn more about our design work for this diesel terminal in west Texas, please contact:

Mike Murphy, president, TGB Group: (832) 748-7603