Phase I focuses on railroad track construction to receive barite and brine for oil fields

TGB Group has begun the first phase of construction for the Wolf Basin Logistics transloading facility project in Big Spring, TX.  We’re scheduled to finish this phase in February 2019, with three other phases to follow. Alor will hire approximately 50 local residents to work at the facility after all phases are complete. This is a great employment opportunity for folks in and around Big Spring.

The first phase consists of constructing two railroad tracks that will be used for the rail-to-truck transloading of barite and brine for local oilfield needs. Wolf Basin Logistics is helping the Big Spring Railroad by replacing the mainline switch and upgrading the curves that continue onto their (Alor’s) property to ensure safety and longevity.


Brine is the term for dissolved salt/salt mixtures and is used in oil drilling. Preferred over water in drilling applications, brines are high-density but don’t contain particles that could cause damage in a drilling operation. Brine classes include bromides, formates and calcium and sodium chloride brines.

Drone Footage

TGB Group’s Business Development Manager, Jake Cooper, has been busy taking drone footage of pre-construction areas for the Wolf Basin Logistics transloading facility project. The goal is to provide a visual comparison when phase I is complete. Additional drone footage will be available following the completion of future phases.

This video footage starts from the Big Spring Railroad and shows Wolf Basin Logistics’s property before any construction was started. You can see the rail curve that leads to the switch that is going to be replaced.

To learn more about our work on the Wolf Basin Logistics transloading facility project, please contact:

Mike Murphy, president, TGB Group: (832) 748-7603