20 from TSLRAA attended


TSLRRA, TGB Group and other industry professionals relaxed with a few rounds of Topgolf in January.

TGB Group attended the TSLRRA (Texas Shortline and Regional Railroad Association) conference on Thursday, January 19 in Dallas.  The conference has members from more than 30 shortline railroads in Texas along with 23 associate companies including professional firms (TGB Group), industrial contractors and suppliers.  The main topic of this conference was discussing the need for better legal representation for shortline railroads and improved tax incentives that the TSLRRA board should try to secure.

During the conference, TSLRRA held a raffle and gave away 10 hours of professional consulting and design services from our team, which was won by WATCO Companies, the largest privately owned shortline operator in the United States and owner of 37 shortline railroads all together in the U.S. and Australia.

TGB Group hosted a golfing event on Thursday night, following the TSLRRA conference, at Topgolf.  About 20 people from the shortline railroads and related industries attended and had a great time.  It was a great opportunity for members of TSLRRA to eat, drink and get to know one another better.

TGB Group has its sights set on becoming more involved with TSLRRA by having our associate Jake Cooper, business development manager, join the association’s legislative board in 2018.