$1.7 million project included fast timeline

TGB Group provided civil engineering design services for a trailer drop lot expansion for the JM Smucker Company’s distribution center in Topeka, Kansas.  The project called for the construction of a new trailer parking lot to hold 114 semi-trailers on the company’s 105-acre site.

The new trailer drop lot expansion involved approximately three acres of new pavement to allow trailers to be stored at the distribution center.  In making this project happen, we faced a unique challenge: $1.7 million in funding was available and could be allocated by JM Smuckers Company – providing that the design, the securing of necessary city approvals, and construction all was completed within three and a half months.

Topeka city officials, the contractor and TGB Group immediately set up meetings to formulate a plan and devise a schedule that would meet the timeline and allow the $1.7 million to be spent within the Topeka community.  All parties involved worked cohesively to make the project happen.

TGB Group assisted in the trailer drop lot expansion by performing topographic survey, site/civil design services for the three-acre drop lot, stormwater drainage design including water quantity and quality design, stormwater management plan, instrument easements and construction staking.

Summary of professional services for the Topeka, Kansas, trailer drop lot expansion project

  • Design of three-acre trailer drop lot to provide 114 spaces for semi-trailer storage for the JM Smucker Company distribution center.
  • Design of water quality infiltration basin to provide stormwater runoff treatment for all areas developed since 2008.
  • Drainage analysis for the entire 105-acre site to determine the adequacy of the existing detention pond that was constructed in 2008 when the distribution center was built.
  • Detention pond design improvements to allow for additional capacity for all development since 2008 and to improve spillways and raise elevations of the berms in order to bring them up to current city standards.
  • Fast-tracking of the project by working closely with the contractor, city officials and owners to provide a great project for the community and the JM Smucker Company.

The project design was completed, and construction began in February 2019.  Completion date is set for April 2019.

To learn more about the trailer drop lot expansion project for the JM Smucker Company, please contact:

John Ladson, executive vice president, TGB Group: (785) 806-2806 or john@thetgbgroup.com.