Project includes survey, engineering and construction management

Stallings Creighton Rail (SCR) has contracted with TGB Group to provide design and development services for a new railcar storage and transload yard on more than 500 acres of SCR’s property in the Big Spring, Texas, area.

We’re excited about this opportunity to work with SCR to oversee a project that will be highly beneficial to many companies looking for a railcar storage property but are restricted by cost in their choices among available options in the west Texas region.

Railcar storage project specs

The master plan for the SCR project calls for connections to both the Big Spring Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad.  The design work for phase I has been completed, and construction has begun on the connection to the Big Spring Railroad.  This was planned as a long-term project that will allow SCR customers to store and transload thousands of railcars annually as buildout continues.

In addition to survey, engineering and construction-management activities for the site, the TGB Group team will act as the developer for Stallings Creighton Rail and work with tenants to develop whatever facilities they require and ensure that the work meets their specific needs. The property is available for lease to tenants for railcar storage and transloading.

If you’re looking for rail-served railcar storage property in the west Texas area, this is a great, economically viable alternative to sites located directly on the UP.  The cost to build your site on SCR property likely will be at least $6 million dollars less in rail infrastructure alone than were you to build on the Class I railroad .

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If you would like more information about West Texas railcar storage and transload options or details about our work on this project, please contact:

Mike Murphy, president, TGB Group: (866) 217-7794