TGB Group to Provide Professional Services

TGB Group is providing platting and zoning services for two properties being developed in Topeka, Kan., by Six Zero, Inc.

The west property, which is approximately 5.28 acres, is currently zoned for light industrial (I-1).  In order to develop the property, which lies within the city limits, the City of Topeka requires that it be platted.

TGB Group was hired to perform platting and zoning services that include a boundary survey, drainage reports, stormwater management plans, monumentation of property corners and the preliminary and final minor plats for a one-lot subdivision.

The east property, which is approximately 3.21 acres within the city limits is currently zoned residential and is unplatted.  Six Zero would like to develop the property into light industrial, which will require the property to be rezoned to I-1 along with the necessary platting services.

TGB Group will provide platting and zoning services including a boundary survey, drainage reports, stormwater management plan, writing drainage easements, monumentation of the property corners, preliminary and final minor plats, and rezoning services.  Rezoning services include city involvement, mailing notifications to nearby properties to inform them of the zoning change, performing neighborhood information meetings, public hearings, and city council meetings.

TGB Group will assist Six Zero in all these platting and zoning efforts to obtain the proper zoning change in order to develop the site.

The project was begun in October 2018 with zoning approved and platting recorded in January 2019.

Importance of platting and zoning

Platting is critical in many construction projects in determining the designation of property, right-of-way and roads.  Lot size and geometry often are affected by zoning restrictions and regulations; platting services give governing bodies the ability to confirm that all lots meet zoning regulations.  In addition, platting allows for other public uses of the land such as parks and flood-protection areas.

To learn more about this platting and zoning project in Topeka, Kan., please contact:

John Ladson, executive vice president, TGB Group: (785) 806-2806 or