Location: Topeka, Kansas

TGB Group was hired by property developer ADR Enterprises, LLC of Kansas to create the streets and water main design for a new industrial park in Topeka, Kansas.

Industrial Street design

Among the street design components we were tasked with for this 10-lot park were pavement design, topographic survey and curb and gutter design with a pavement section to accommodate truck traffic.

Our team oversaw the drainage design with a storm sewer system and detention facilities. We created the stormwater pollution prevention plan and submitted for the developer the notice of intent to the Kansas Department of Health & Environment. TGB also provided construction staking services for the construction phase of the project.

Water main design

In order to bring sufficient water to the industrial park, TGB Group’s water main design included provisions for a wet tapping sleeve to the existing 16” city water main and fire hydrants throughout the industrial park as required.

All streets and water mains were designed in accord with written standards from the City of Topeka. The designs were reviewed and approved by the city, and our team completed the final elements of the overall design plan during the spring and summer of 2017.

This project included a fast-track schedule for the developer, and all timelines were met or exceeded, allowing construction to begin that summer.

If you’d like to know more about TGB Group’s involvement in this project, please contact:

John Ladson, executive vice president, TGB Group: (785) 806-2806
Riley Rees, owner, ADR Enterprises: (785) 221-7556.