Location: Topeka, Kansas

TGB Group was hired by developer Concrete Unlimited of Kansas to provide the civil design for a new community clubhouse for a senior housing subdivision in Topeka, Kansas.

Facility access

Based on the needs of the users it would serve, the planned 3,500-square-foot facility had special accessibility requirements including a sidewalk that we designed in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. We also provided comprehensive design for parking stalls and a road for access to the lower level of the facility for maintenance vehicles and storage use.

Other accessibility concerns we addressed involved a steep terrain that had to be modified with the building of retaining walls to ensure that all parking areas and access to and from the clubhouse met with ADA requirements. In addition, TGB Group created the design for drainage and erosion control.

Along with ADA mandates, we worked in accord with the City of Topeka’s Planned Unit Development guidelines. For us, it’s a normal part of business to learn and comply with the requirements of multiple governing bodies when engaging in design projects.

All timelines met or exceeded

The site plan design for the clubhouse was finished in the summer of 2017 and was submitted with Concrete Unlimited’s architectural plans to the City of Topeka for review and approval in order to obtain building permits. The developer required a fast-track design schedule, and we met or exceeded all timelines to allow construction to begin that same summer.

If you’d like to know more about TGB Group’s involvement in this project, please contact:

John Ladson, executive vice president, TGB Group: (785) 806-2806
Perry Marney, Concrete Unlimited: (785) 232-8636